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CNWEIHONGThe birth of the brand

Before 2011, we sold our products to the Shunde market without any logo. It was our first time to go to Guangzhou to participate in the exhibition. Many people at the exhibition did not know that the products in the Shunde market were actually produced by us, but many imitated them. The product is badly made. When we recommend our products to customers, the customers say that the quality of these products is too poor and we dare not use them. Later, when we promise customers to try them for free, customers will only know that they are really good after they use them. The products are from Weihong. Since then, our products have been marked with LOGO as our own brand.---CNWEIHONG!



Views of Japanese rivals

At the exhibition, a Japanese customer found that our products were doing very well, and he begged us to give samples several times, and promised to have a large order, but there was no news after taking the samples. We found out at the next exhibition that he turned out to be our competitor, and when I greeted him, he said, "Take your samples to see if you are imitating us, the Chinese can't do anything. Good products, only imitations. For Japanese people, they are garbage.” I held back my tears and walked away silently. At this time, I also made a firm determination in my heart: to make a good product! To be a good product in China! ! ! ! Since then, the brand CNWEIHONG was born, which means CHANA WEIHONG (China Weihong)!



Lower quality in exchange for order

In 2013, a major European customer asked us to lower the price a bit, provided that the original manganese steel material could be replaced with iron material. They said that they could accept such a standard, but they were rejected by the other party when they received large goods. of customers think that they are unqualified, and insist on returning the goods, shirking the responsibility for quality on us. For our just-started enterprise, if we are not responsible for the entire container of goods, our brand has just gained a bit of a good reputation. This is in In the future, customers will think that we are irresponsible. We gritted our teeth, endured the pain, and re-delivered a container of goods to customers for free. It is precisely because of this that customers trust us very much. 8 years.



I would rather be a chicken head than a phoenix tail

In 2014, an American company felt that Weihong was a rookie in the industry, and wanted to buy Weihong at a high price. The premise was that the founders should work together in this company, not to participate in exhibitions, not to sell independently, and to be an OEM company. For founders, they can get a large amount of money, and they don't have to worry about the company's future orders! Of course, there is no way to make a good product in China. At this time, the founder firmly proposed that I would rather be a chicken head than a phoenix tail. Use this Chinese proverb to reject the customer's request, and insist on the promise made when it was despised by Japanese customers - to be a good product of Chinese local brands!

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